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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
How can one not?

-traded away a very,very good two way C and our captain
-traded away a solid two way C and 60+ pt/season avg player
-traded away up and coming potential elite goaltender

All done in the name of acquiring and keeping Bryz happy.

All for what? So this POS can put up MFL numbers and constantly deflate whatever momentum this team has?

We should have went deep in the playoffs last year and despite the skaters struggling, we came into the elimination game flying. Went up a goal and then Bryz proceeded to give up two back to back terrible goals.

Before that one could say his OT flop in GM3 was terrible.
Before that one could say he did a good job making sure GM1 was much closer than it needed to be.

Now, after a long year of the offense being stuck in neutral and injuries constantly beating our skaters down; we are finally starting to net pucks and for what? So this guy can play like the common beer league goalie?


Eight-two-fookin-four last night off a mere 17 SA! Yet the D CONSTANTLY takes flack. The forwards CONSTANTLY get ripped for not back checking.

Enough is enough. This guy fkin blows and he needs to GTFO.
May I inject some context into your rant?

First, the inference that Richards and Carter were dealt explicitly so Bryzgalov could be signed is bull. Maybe that's a small part of the big picture of that soap opera, but top of the list was that management (for whatever reason) wanted them gone.

Second, let's clarify our memories of Bob's time here. An "up and coming potential elite goaltender" is a stretch. He was signed out of nowhere, quickly made a huge case for sticking with the team as the #1. He was the talk of the town and a new star in the league, but then his game started leveling off when other teams started noting the holes in his game: he played hunched down so the top third of the net was significantly exposed, and he was beaten like a rented mule on breakaways / SOs. Then there was the mini-crisis in the series against Buffalo, and many here questioned his mental stamina.

Going with Bob as the #1 the season after would have been a major risk, with the team viewed as Cup contenders, and Bryzgalov's signing (albeit for too many years) was widely praised as a potential end to the perennial goalie crisis. Finally, many (I won't say most) agreed that it made no sense having Bob backing up the clear-cut #1 for so many years and at the salary he was making.

I liked Bob a lot and would have been pleased with keeping him here. But please don't gloss over the kinks in his game that needed work and which questioned his role going forward.

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