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04-04-2013, 08:23 AM
Winter is coming
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Originally Posted by frostyflo View Post
Don't like Dmen playing with numbers usually just forwards play with

But I do like a real GDT from time to time, thanks Blanick!

I just hope Ells plays a solid game, then it should be a good one
Originally Posted by Falco Lombardi View Post
Blanick with the real GDT! I like it.
Thanks I figured ownership/management stepped it up so we should too.

I have kinda been a ghost a little this season cause I returned to school. So working 50 hours a week while doing 12 credit hours of school has been draining me.

Figured Id get caught up a little here. I know some people are down on acquiring Bouwmeester but for me the only thing that gives me pause is the contract. His ability to move the puck should allow Pietrangelo to simplify his game. I feel like that has been Pie biggest issue this year is he is trying to do too much and he plays his best when he makes simple/smart plays.

Overall I am happy getting Leo and Bouw. I know alot of people were chomping at the bit for a big body mover in the corners but the thing I have noticed is that we really do win alot of board battles in our own end. What has been burning us is our failure to move the puck out of our zone when we gain possession. Guys like Leo and Bouw will bring down the number of bad turnovers at our own blueline.

Stoked with the signing of Jaskin but with him in the mix and Lehtera waiting to come over I get the feeling Army might have something big up his sleeve at the draft. I would like to see the Blues package together some assets and go get that true 1C we have needed for so long.

Alright Blues now is the time to put an end to this ****ing curse we have at United Center.

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