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04-04-2013, 08:30 AM
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Originally Posted by jay from jersey View Post
guys this is a good trade.once again you guys aren't looking at the big picture or the business side. Gaborik was gone next year anyway, especially once we traded for clowe. his cap hit needed to be erased to give the yoots a bump in salary as well. Make no bones about it, for slats to give up two 2nd's for clowe, bet your bottom dollar we are signing him to a 3-4 year extension. Next order of business, if you can't see the writing on the wall, brassard center, miller cener, boyle center,stepan center. Richards is going to be bought out. i'm sorry if you can't see it but the pieces are in place. Now, as far as the return it was pretty good. first dorsett is basically a prust clone. he is a better fighter, maybe a tad bit less offensive but he will kill pens,block shots, and do the dirty work. brassard is a decent 2nd/3rd line center. I believe management has crowned steps their number one and will have him work on his skating like crazy in the offseason. brassard was brought here to provide a little offense and provide a buffer for when richards is gonzo. if he doesn't work out he is a moveable ASSET down the line at the draft. Now on to Moore, the wildcard. Ranger brass must see something they love about him, that's all i could tell you. Maybe they see i McD clone or something thats truely special and him. if he pans out this trade could be a huge success for NYR. Bottom line, after the summer moves ranger brass misspent money and didn't keep guys like mitchell, prust, and feds and it bit them in the keyster, They know that, hence the moves for clowe and dorsett. That's why i can see clowe will be signed. they are not going to make the same mistake twice. For all you crying about skill and gabs give me a break. I loved the guy when he was on a hot steak too but he is a shell of his former self. He has either lost motivation playing under torts or is still injured. either way NYR is a better TEAM today then it was yesterday. Too bad real life is not a video game, richards gaborik and nash would have 300pts as a line, but in the real world if it's broke this long then it's really broke. sometimes a better part has to go out to pick up the slack of 3 mediocre parts if you get what im getting at. (greater good). and just a little FYI Pyatt, asham, and perhaps boyle, our days are numbered. it's a new culture at the garden and i for one am loving it. Good luck Marian, it was a good run but time to move on. I'll be rooting for you and the rest of our former boys. Take a breath guys. we are a better unit now and harder to play against.
Not sure I see them buying out Richards, (its def possible) but I agree with all of this.

Gaborik just didn't fit. You get Clowe whos on the left so it opens up the right, and then you fill in 3 more players behind him while getting a much needed young center who can play.

Sure you lose Gabby, but there were too many little things in his game that were missing and it was driving me nuts. He wasnt scoring, and he wasnt playing in the system. To get some value back and add Clowe, currently constructed, the Rangers are a better team. I'm a little concerned about how this team will pan out long-term, especially losing so many picks. But right now this team is better. 6-1 win over Pitt or not.

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