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04-04-2013, 08:35 AM
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I remember the 8-0 drubbing we gave Detroit a few years back.

I remember Scott Walker's cauliflower nose.

I remember the game we played Detroit and never seen so many overpriced veterans fighting all of our guys. Needless to say, we won the game and kicked their arses all the way back to Detroit.

I remember Blake Geoffrion scoring 3 late in Buffalo to give us the win.

I remember guys like Clark Wilm and Vitaly Yachmenev. Clark was the homeless guy and Vitaly sounded like a venerial disease. We gave guys on the team nicknames because it made the games more fun. Upshall was JoJo the Idiot Circus Boy.

I remember Tootoo ragdolling Frolik. Still have no idea how he got up uninjured.

I remember a ton of Tootoo hits actually. Tons of fights followed of course.

I remember the night Chase Donnell's family was up on the main stage and his signed jersey behind the bench in honor of that young man. Getting misty eyed thinking about that young boys courage, his families pain and the way the Preds organization rallied around all of them.

I remember the first standing O.

I remember the times meeting many of you fine people during warmups between 102 and 103.

I remember proposing to my wife on the concourse of a game a few years ago.

I remember mostly yelling and laughing at the games.

I remember the heartbreak.

I remember this little small town team that could and is still doing it to this day.

While it ain't always pretty, we all seem to keep coming back for more, for better or worse.

Have to say the future is very bright here in Nashville.

Love you guys.

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