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The New Salary Cap ERA aka You can't have it all

Everyone on this board always talks about the need to get a #1 dman and a #1 goalie for this team. But as we move forward I think we are going to see a shift in that type of thinking. I don't think the Flyers will Struggle with getting who they want, I think they will struggle with Being able to fit all they want into a 60 mill cap.

So i wanted to break down what ideally you want out of your team in terms of Salary per position.

1s tLine 5m 7m 5m

The going rate for a 1c varies wildly across the board. It seems that traditional Hockey markets have been able to keep the value of their 1c closer to the 7m figure whereas non traditional markets have had to overpay for their start c. Examples would be Detroit, New York, Chicago, Boston. Non traditional markets that have had to overpay for their 1c are Anaheim, Carolina, Tampa bay, and to some extent Minny.
Wingers can vary as well with Ovi, parise, Nash, Perry and Heatly all in the top 10 of cap hits. Luckily the flyers do not have any players of that caliber and are not locked into contracts like that. Our wingers are Hartnell and Voracek who make up slightly less cap hit than what i wrote.

2nd Line 4m 5m 4m

5m seems to be the going rate of a quality 2nd center. With players like Bergeron, Kesler, Riberio, Mike richards all in this range . Obcviously depending on your quality of 2nd center the price can range from 3.5 for a guy like turris to 6 mill for a player like jordan staal. 2nd line Wingers are hard to define simply because of all the line changes teams have. For instance Patrick kane when not on a line with Toews is a 2nd line winger, same With Hossa sometimes, so its all very relative. But for the sake of this model I will say that a 4m budget for a winger is a safe assumption.

3rd line. id allocate 3-6 million for this line. The skill of this line is really going to be dependant on1 thing and that is the talent of the rookies you have on the ELC

4th line- 2-3 million. Pkers, Forecheckers, face off specialists, and anyone else make up this line

Now on to Defense.

The Defintion Ill use here for a number 1 dman is a player who plays all situations and is your best defenceman in those situations. This is where the have and the Have nots really seperate themsevles.

1st Pairing: 6m 5m

THe going rate for a top dman is right around 7-6m. Players signed to this level of money include Mike green, boyle, Phaneuf, Bouwmeester, Brent Burns, Kimmo, Karlsson, Chara, Dougty.

2nd pairing: 5m 4m

Mid range guys include Bieksa, Hamhuis, Edler, Coburn, Carle, Martin, Pitkanen and Kronwall. To me this money range is where there is a discrepancy in talent.

3rd pairing : 1M 1M ----guys like gervais and Huskins

If you have allocated this money to your 1st , 2nd pairing you will need to spend minimally on the 3rd.

Goalie: 5m

The top goaltenders in the world make 6 million and up. They include, Lundqvist, Rinne, Miller, Ward, and Price. However you can find very good goalies at all price ranges,most are out performing their contract and are due for big raises. But on the safe side allocating 5m for a goalie is reasonable. Top backups can make anywhere from 1m- 2m

So to make this visually more appealing:

1st: 5m 7m 5m
2nd 4m 5m 4m
3rd 3-6 million
4th 2-3 million

1st Pair: 6mill 5 mill
2nd pair 4mill 4 mill
3rd pair 1m 1m

Goalie 5m

as you can see this is a very conservative outline with modest spending at all positions and this team is still over the cap. What this tells you is that going forward, teams that over pay are certain positions are not going to be able to be competiive unless they have some very great underpaying contracts to counter act them or some very talented players on ELC.

Vancouver is the best example of this outline. While they do not have a true 1 d they have a wide range of skill on their defense with all players making 4 m and up. I like this strategy a bit more than having 1 7m guy and a horrible 3rd pairing.

Carolina is the worst example of this . Having 2 C that are making above the norm for their position, A winger who has a much higher cap hit than he should, and a goalie with a very high cap hit. As a result the rest of the lineup will suffer because of it.

How does this apply to the Flyers?

Well lets slot them in

Hartnell Giroux Voracek - hartnell and Voracek are underpaid as 1st line wingers and that extra money can hopefully go to giroux to get him extended. Giroux at 7.5 mill for 8 years?

Read Schenn Simmonds - Simmonds will never be traded simply because his contract at right around 4 m is incredible in terms of his production. He scores at 1st line winger rate while being payed 2nd line winger money. Read will obviously command a bigger contract soon, and we have lucked out getting his production at 900k. Schenn has not performed like a 2nd line center and hopefully any extension with him will reflect that.

Mcginn/Cousin Couturier Gagne- In terms of next year this would be as good as we can hope for a 3rd line. Hopefully gags signs cheap.

Rinaldo Talbot Mcginn/ adirondack filler. Talbot at 1.8 is making most of the lines 3 million budget. But his versatility warrants it.


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