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08-20-2006, 01:43 PM
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Originally Posted by mcphee View Post
While I don't disagree with les3c, I think his reactions might be more fluid than Souray's. Souray is a good solid NHL d man, who can be a bit streaky. I've always found him a bit deliberate in his game. Komi, at least in my estimation is more natural. He just doesn't trust his ability yet.

I think we go overboard on his play though, a good hit or 2 makes him a great hitter, a fearsome warrior, but such is life in Hab Land.

You all saw the way the Canes d men, even the less than gifted Ward's and Commodore's hustled into the rush constantly in the po's, that's what I think Komi needs, the belief and willingness to play the entire rink.

It is kind of amusing to see how our players seem to have gained or lost ability during the off season.
You very well might be onto something there about the trust.

About being more natural, I'll disagree though. He looks more natural than Souray on the ice (skating, agility, passing and everything), but being a more natural hockey player in the sense of, who has a feel for the game or an awareness as they call it in video games, I disagree. I believe Souray has slightly better instincts than Komisarek. I'm gonna go on a limb and say it might be because Komisarek started playing hockey a bit later than most that he is not sure about what to do on the ice at times.

The Souray comparison is an interesting one as his play might be a good indication of what a Komisarek with trust might become. A physical d-man with some offensive abilities who is prone to make bad decisions in his own zone. Although Komisarek offensive upside would come more from his speed joining the rush than from his shot.

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