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Originally Posted by KingForsberg View Post
Yzerman and Shanahan were still better players than Zhamnov. We both know there's no way you believe someone like Zhamnov was ever better than Yzerman so please don't try and play that card. 2002 also wasn't the only time Fedorov played with those two.
I said that 2002 Yzerman and Zhamnov weren't better than 94-96 Zhamnov. Not 2002 Zhamnov. And that's the only time Fedorov played on a line with either of them regularly. So we can mark down Forsberg and Sakic as linemates during their primes, I suppose, based on your argument.

Take into account the age both were when they were injured. Yzermans injury occurred at a younger age. Selanne was in his 30s. He was already declining. And it's not like Selanne never came back from his injury. Post lockout he was back to his normal speed and look what he accomplished. Plus the easy answer to your question is that no two injuries are the same and injuries affect players differently. Also please don't turn this into an Yzerman vs Selanne thread now.
Alright, fine. Use Yzerman's neck injury. That one was actually had more long-term effect. Yzerman's 1993-94 season looked like this (84-game projection in parenthesis):

Season total: 58GP, 24-58-82 (35-84-119)
Before injury: 8GP, 2-8-10 (21-84-105)
After injury: 50GP, 22-50-72 (37-84-121)

Yzerman suffered more significant injuries than Selanne, and a significant number of them came before the DPE. Yet he never dropped anywhere near Selanne's 2003-04 offensively. And neither did Fedorov, even after Fedorov played through several injury plagued years at the end of his career with Columbus and Washington.

Selanne's 2003-04 does not just go away just because he had been injured at some point prior.

but Selanne was better offensively based on having more goals, more points, and the same, well almost the same PPG.
Fedorov had one fewer goal and equal assists in one fewer game. His PPG was 1.37, so one average he scored about 4 points every three games. That means he is likely to get at least one point in the "missing game" were he to play in it. Which at minimum negates Selanne's advantage in total. Fedorov's PPG would go down if he went 1-for-1, and he would then be tied with Selanne.

So Fedorov's offensive production would have to be slower than normal over the course of exactly one game for him to match Selanne, yet Selanne has the more impressive offensive season? No dice.

Also...Tkachuk had 98 points that season. Kariya had 108. Zhamnov was PPG while with Winnipeg. The difference between those guys and what Fedorov played with is monumental. Certainly enough to offset any advantage for Selanne's 40-68-108 in 79 over Fedorov's 39-68-107 in 78.

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