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Originally Posted by Frank Drebin View Post
All I'm saying is lets see what kind of player FF turns out to be before we declare a winner. GMGM felt he was tradeable (ie not developing as a top 15 pick) so he traded him. If FF turns out to be a solid top 6 winger then Wsh loses this trade big time. If FF busts like a Gilbert Brule, then Washington wins, giving up the equivalent of a 7th round pick (nothing).

Its way too early to call a winner on this trade. The caps organization knows a lot more about Forsberg than anyone on this board, that is for certain.
First, while it is not impossible that internal opinion of Forsberg had soured, it is EXTREMELY difficult to imagine how this could have happened in just 9 months without anyone on the outside having any hint of it. Forsberg has not gotten into any published personal problems. No arrests, no drug suspensions, no fist fights with coaches. In terms of on-ice play, he excelled at the WJC, and has been playing quite well in his pro league. Lastly, it's the same team of people running the show now who were running the show in June. So it's not like a new GM came in with a different view on the player. I know it makes the trade easier to understand to presume that SOMETHING must have led to the team devaluaing Forsberg. But absent any hint of what that might be, or even a hint that such a devaluation occurred, I think we have to assume that he was not devalued and evaluate this trade for what it appears to be on its face.

Second, this idea that we can't possibly evaluate a trade now because we have to see how the player turns out is just wrong from the Caps perspective. Maybe it's true for Nashville, but the Caps can and should be evaluated based on asset management. Irrespective of what Forsberg becomes, he is a present-day asset with present day value, and the Caps did not do an effective job of managing the asset. They had the #11 pick in a deep draft, and 9 months later they have Martin Erat and Michael Latta.

Out of curiousity, can anyone recall a deal quite like this? Where a teams ships an ELITE prospect -- as in a guy regarded as being a top 20 overall type prospect in all of hockey -- and that prospect is the only piece going out the door in exchange for a "package" of stuff?

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