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Originally Posted by pesko View Post
It would be a shame, since there isn't really anyone to replace him on the national team.
Actually, there are plenty of DD types playing in Europe we can utilize in the bottom pairing and PK roles should it come to that. The thing is that none of them are currently holding the same merit as Lydman does, which is why he's the #1 option for said role in the current projection.

And I can't emphasize enough that it's simply according to what we know right now. If someone like Melart or his ilk break into the WHC squad this spring and end up doing well, it's going to be whole another deal. And I'd have nothing against it.

I bet if somebody had shown up here around Christmas a year ago and told us that Joonas Järvinen is a Sochi candidate, we would have considered him or her a completely mental gypsy soothsayer.

Regardless of what I said, I do still consider it a bad practice when someone's being entered into the predicted lineup based on a step they might or might not take in the future - save for a case when there truly are no safer options available. A good example is thinking that someone like Salminen, Armia or Pulkkinen might make it if Selänne has truly retired this time.

For the same reason I've constantly been showing qualm towards those who've been entering Barkov into their lineups. The kid holding tons of promise simply isn't enough, especially since we aren't that strung out in centre.

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