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04-04-2013, 10:22 AM
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Does anyone else find the M8 infuriatingly inconsistent? Sometimes it kills in one-burst, other times it takes three. And I'm talking three full burst connections at medium range, it's preposterous.

Not to mention the rage it gives me when I lose a long range battle with the M8 to an MSMC, oh god that makes no sense to me ever.

I have it on three of my five classes in league, just because I think it serves a good purpose in a defensive role. (Posting up long sightlines in SnD, playing defense in CTF, holding spawns in HP). Maybe I just have the wrong attachments? I pretty much only utilize red-dot sight, fast mags/grip. Always red dot. I have grip on my SnD class, and fast mags on the other two.


I'd switch to the AN, but I have even less luck with that.

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