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Originally Posted by BringBackStevens View Post
With a young and raw guy like bob the goalie coach absolutely plays a role

Bobrovsky said his rise in the rankings can be linked to a rise off the ice with his upper body, a process that started after he was traded to Columbus for three draft picks and continued in his native Russia during the lockout.

"I can tell you I try to be bigger -- bigger in my butterfly," Bobrovsky told, and then tried to bridge the language gap with a locker-room demonstration, lifting at the waist and pulling his shoulders back.

Bobrovsky was hunched over at the waist and sat back on his heels more in his butterfly during two promising but inconsistent seasons as an undrafted free agent-signing in Philadelphia. He's taller now through the thighs and up into the torso, one of several subtle but significant adjustments that started with Blue Jackets goaltending coach Ian Clark three weeks before training camp was scheduled to open in September. Sent home with more than 100 pages of instructions, the evolution continued while Bobrovsky played with SKA St. Petersburg during the NHL lockout.

With his chest more upright, Bobrovsky now is able to get a better seal between his arms and body, reducing the number of pucks that used to go through him. And because his hands now are more out in front of him rather than pulled back in relation to a forward-pitched torso, he is making cleaner glove saves and steering pucks better with his blocker.

Remember the Little League cliché about watching the ball into your glove? Goalies refer to it as visual attachment, and maintaining it is a lot easier when you aren't trying to catch pucks by your ear.

"When you are upright you can see your hands, and when you are down it's tough to see your hands," Bobrovsky said, holding his hands up beside his head for effect. "It's much easier this way."

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