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Originally Posted by Alexdaman View Post
It will take years ( or a cup ) before people start to get over the inferiority complex attached to the canadiens. This season proves it, whenever we lose a game this board starts to fire up and everyone seems to have the answer to all the problems. But when we win, everything goes quiet until the next defeat, the reality is that in order for us to get a decent D we would of had to give up a big portion of our future.

Our prospect pool is pretty deep and all the other GMs want to have a portion of it.

Imo a hockey team is always better to have guys from the farm playing big roles on the team, than guys from trades. Because traded players always come in from different environments that may not work well with the team's philosophy, while farm guys always have more of a sense of duty and responsibility related to their team. Our lineup proves it.




I'm not saying every trade is bad, but rather that in our position and with Timmins doing the draft giving up picks for a big body D ( a la Bouwmeester ) might jeopardize our future in the next 10 years. If we end up drafting just one player like Pacioretty in the 2nd round it wouldn't be worth it.
You just named a bunch of random vets who played for us at a moment or another, versus a bunch of young guys we developed.

As for not watching other teams play, yes I do, and yes I know they all have their share of problems. The Rangers usually can't score, for example. The Lightning have no defense whatsoever. The Sens have trouble scoring.

That doesn't take away the fact that we, on our side, don't have a defense who can win us important games in the playoffs. Seriously. How is it an inferiority complex to admit that? It's painfully visible.

And more likely than not, Bergevin wants to develop our farm guys into those missing pieces. Which IMO is the right thing to do for long-term success. That being said, after watching yesterday's game, and a whole bunch of other ones for that matter, I think Bergevin might have been right keeping his draft picks for this year's draft. We're not anywhere close to being contenders in the playoffs with our current defense. And I don't think one element could have been fixing it.

Emelin is playing like a #7 d-man right now, and to be honest, we might have overrated him a bit. Markov is great at what he does, but shouldn't play 25 minutes a game anymore. Gorges has huge limitations. Diaz too. Bouillon is an old d-man with limited talent and Drewiske is a depth defenseman, while still being better than Weber and Kaberle.

Even on offense, yesterday's game clearly showed how we might need another center who can play tough minutes, as Eller clearly failed at replacing him. Will Galchenyuk become that guy in the near future? Yes. Probably. But he's not there yet.

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