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Originally Posted by kenjets36 View Post
Don't doubt the gut man. That's all i'm gonna say. I would say it turns out to be right in 8/10 cases, normally.

It's one game, I'll be the first to tell people to calm down after such a reaction, I just happened to have this overwhelming feeling that we'll be in the cup this year.

Pitt WILL not win the cup. They have no goaltending. Their defense is meh.

I like Boston, but Rask is also a headcase. Get a bad goal past him and the gates open.

I really don't think Montreal is as good as everyone is making out. We've played them like absolute horse **** every time of the season. Uninspired hockey. Didn't we play Biron both times in Montreal too? They're not a physical team. That takes a huge toll on any team once the playoffs start. Nightmare match up? They'll be similar to the Senators last year. If we play inspired hockey we win. If we don't, we lose. There should be no reason we don't play inspired hockey into the playoffs.

I think the team will click right around the start of the playoffs. I think they'll get on a really good roll these next 12 games and go like 9-3, or 10-2. I think we win the next game in Pitt handily too, somthing like 4-2 or 5-2.

Clowe and Asham go a long way towards helping our grit. The veteran presence now will help out down the stretch. Zucc is starting to shine, dude just gets it. Its not a coincidence that we start scoring on the powerplay a lot more often with him back on the squad.

If/when Staal comes back, watch out. If he doesn't we'll be a lot more beatable since Torts will refuse to play Moore and Eminger more than 7 minutes a game.

Save the posts. Either way i'll either be gloating or gladly eating crow.
Don't forget Dorsett. He's a character, gritty guy who wore the A in Columbus. The concern with him is he crosses the line sometimes and Torts doesn't react well to that. But he will definitely provide grit and nastiness with some skill. Look forward to seeing what he brings in a few weeks.

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