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Originally Posted by Mr Writer View Post
so the Oilers trio of Hall RNH Ebs finally show signs of playing. Hopefully they'll continue to rack up points and forever kick to the curb, send in exile to the B team Getzlaf and Perry.... be gone with those two.
I've had Hall on my team since day 1, as I've always felt his game was perfectly suited to the international ice surface. Nothing has changed, obviously, and I'm really glad to see him playing well these days. He's distanced himself from Kane in the last few weeks.

Nugent-Hopkins has basically no chance, in my estimation. There are guys like Duchene, Benn, and Couture at center, who are currently better players and more advanced in their development, who most likely won't make this team.

Eberle's a tough call. For me, he's close, but on the outside looking in right now. He's behind Seguin at RW. Then, when I take a step back and look at the roster, I'm going to need a bit more physicality and 2-way play on the lower lines. I think he gets nudged-out there, by someone like Richards, Sharp, Perry, maybe Benn or Jordan Staal. Or, and his horrifies me to say it as a Habs fan, Brad Marchand. He's a little ****, but a great player.

A few other random thoughts:

- Bouwmeester in STL will be interesting. Hopefully he pairs up with Pietrangelo, plays well in the playoffs, and provides us with a ready-made defense pair for 2014.

- Any word when Sharp is due back? I want him to make this team, but a prolonged injury and missing playoff time won't help his cause.

- The Bergeron concussion is very concerning. This is four now, for him. Plus the broken neck. Historically it has taken him a while to get going again after a concussion, so we may not see the Bergeron of the past few months for some time. If he's playing hockey next December, he'll be on the team, but again, concerning from my perspective as he's lining up to be a critical guy on Team Canada.

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