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Originally Posted by Macch View Post
His speed maybe generational, but as a player not so much. Generational players IMO are the Crosbys, Ovis, Malkins, hopefully JTs

Couldn't disagree with you more. As those guys develop Frans may get pushed down the depth chart. In a perfect world he becomes our 4th line center in 3 years. He will be a serviceable NHL player for years and years.
Here's the thing...Grabner has awesome speed and I would say he is like a poor mans Mike Gartner. If Grabs had good hands, I would say nearly fact...I would go insofar as to say that if grabs had good hands, he'd be ahead of Gartner based on his two way game as the main focus of the difference.

Grabs needs a specific type of player (IMO) to truly get him to succeed. Sure, he can play with JT, but so can everyone else. I'm trying to find out the linemates of Mike Gartner because maybe that could shed some light into what we would need to get Grabs to play his ceiling.

The main issue is Grabs inability to close the deal on breakaways. Solve this, we solve our secondary scoring needs. Imagine if Grabs had the same scoring percentage as Nielsen does in SOs? His worth would skyrocket. This is like an extra 30-50 goals per year. There are games where he gets like 4 breakaways.

As for generational...I think there are different levels. There is generational like Ovi, Malkin, JT, Stamkos, Seth and then there is phenom..I'd say Orr, Gretzky, Lemieux, Lindros (although I hate the guy), Crosby and soon to be McDavid. It's the "Phenoms" that are rare. Once per 10 years usually.

Grabs is not any of those two...he does excel the most in speed....What Grabs is to speed is what Moulson is to hand eye co-ordination.

As for the lines and the team itself. If you notice on Capgeek, many of the contracts end around the 1st-2nd year after we move to Brooklyn. I think at that point, we will re-evaluate...keep who we want to keep and trade for pieces to become a contender...We lose nothing really. We will be busting at the seams with regard to prospects the year we move.

To do a trade now, we'd only be trading to fill one weakness, only to be creating another. Our prospect pool is not deep enough at this point in time. By the time Brooklyn happens, most of the pics from last year will be either ready and or almost ready to step in. On top of that we still have the guys we do not. THEN we will use those picks to add what we need and to also pick up future picks so we don't have go through the rebuild cycle again.

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