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04-04-2013, 11:15 AM
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There are tons of goalies that will use their head to make saves on purpose on a regular basis. To you and I, our reaction would be to move our head, to a professional goalie your instinct should be to stop the puck by any means possible.

For anyone that plays hockey, how many times has someone in a game either made a hard high pass or clearing attempt that you stuck your hand out and caught without even thinking? It hurts like hell and it probably would have been an icing anyway but it's instinct during a game. If I'm walking down the street and a piece of rubber went flying by, I certainly wouldnt stick my hand out to stop it. Your instincts change depending on the situation.

Players dive face first in front of point shots all the time and when they are asked after the game they always say if they could do it over they wish they would have gone feet first but during the game it was instinct to throw anything in front of the puck.

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