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Biggest Steal(s) of the draft - Bain outside of the top-500 is just wrong
Biggest Reach(es) of the draft - Lidstrom at 7th overall (Before Shore, Hull and a half dozen others? Really? Jagr, Hasek and Lafleur are greater, don't most of us think? The Lids love gone out of control)
Smartest/best strategic pick in the draft - Moog as Fuhr's backup
Biggest blunder selection of the draft - Oatman as a first liner?
A Player finally getting respect in the draft - Harris
A player always taken too high, finally getting picked where he should in the draft - Bobrov at 738th in the 24th round, extra skater (sounds about right)
A player you've discovered in this draft -Sandlin
Most underrated player taken - Irvin
Most overrated player taken - Konstantinov
Favorite line of the draft - Syd Howe - Darryl Sittler - Dino Ciccarelli
Favorite checking line of the draft - Bob Gainey-Guy Carbonneau-Bobby Schmautz
Best assembled line of the draft - Bert Olmstead - Jean Beliveau (C) - Andy Bathgate
Worst assembled line of the draft - Mike McPhee - Bobby Holik - Anders Hedberg
Favorite pairing of defensemen - Gary Suter - Ken Morrow
Most puzzling pairing of defensemen -Scott Stevens - Vladimir Konstantinov
Team in the other conference it'd be interesting to meet in the finals - Guelph Platers
Team in the other conference you wouldn't want to meet in the finals - Pittsburgh Bankers
A funny/dramatic story (related to the ATD) you've learned about since the start of the draft - Gerard beat up coach Ross (hospitalized him even) after the latter hit some other guy by mistake, as told in Conn Smythe's autobiography.

Best selection: You cannot vote for players you own
1st round: Sawchuk, 31st overall
2nd round: Hall, 42nd overall
3rd round: Malone, 83rd overall
4th round: Jackson
5th round: Cournoyer
6th round: Vezina
7th round: Pitre
8th round: Hossa
9th round: Yakushev
10th round: Ciccarelli
11th round: Smith
12nd round: Gottselig
13th round: Tarasov
14th round: Smith
15th round: Hitchcock
16th round: Bain
17th round: Walsh
18th round: LeSueur
19th round: Houle
20th round: Irvin
21st round: Burch
22nd round: Reay
23th round: Moran
24th round: Trihey
25th round: Gusev

'Worst' Selection
1st round: Stevens, 21st overall
2nd round: Clancy, 46th overall
3rd round: Lapointe, 68th overall
4th round: Blake
5th round: Konstantinov
6th round: Gilles
7th round: Stanley
8th round: Tikkanen (and I LOVED the guy!!!)
9th round: Crawford
10th round: Patrick
11th round: Beck
12nd round: Otto
13th round: Ivanov
14th round: Sjoberg
15th round: Phaneuf
16th round: Joseph
17th round: Iafrate
18th round: Morrow
19th round: a weak round (so many)
20th round: Liba
21st round: Babich
22nd round: Giguere
23th round: Karlsson
24th round: Sejba
25th round: Högosta

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