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04-04-2013, 11:26 AM
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Originally Posted by Ottomatic View Post
Top of the draft looks very likely to be -

Ottawa - Konecny
Erie - Strome
Peterborough - Spencer

So Windsor will miss out of Sean Day. And for what Warren? I think it's time Rychel and the Spits spell out what they did and who the two players were. Why do they get to go unnamed when they took part in the shady deals? Because they were underage? Well it's their parents/advisers making the deals on their behalf - if Windsor is named and shamed and penalized, why not name the players involved and spell out exactly what the illegal offense was?

To be penalized a top pick like this - it should be pretty damn close to a capital offense. And it it turns out it wasn't than releasing the info will expose Branch further for the joke he is.

I've also heard a (conspiracy?) theory that London/Hunters were involved in blowing the whistle for Mem Cup hosting purposes.
I am definitely in the minority and I said it earlier I see no reason why Warren should see this through. He's never going to have another chance at an exceptional status guy unless the team stinks for the 3rd straight year. This organization is all about having some cloak of secrecy where they will say nothing publically. Everything this organization has done recently involves secrecy and I don't believe for one moment we need to know everything but if what they are doing is hurting the on ice product questions need to be asked and answered. There's nothing Rychel can do falling short of getting Barber, Schmaltz, Allen, Butcher, and Friedman to sign this offseason that can make up for losing out on an exceptional talent like Day.

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