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04-04-2013, 11:39 AM
Here we go again!
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Originally Posted by hereforaquickpost View Post
First time since under the new Habs era that I'm ashamed to be a fan... and not because of the team but because of the garbage I've seen on this forum tonight.

You guys should be ashamed.
I suggest you don't post on any boards in any sphere. This exist to bring points, to talk but also to vent. Everybody with their typical "Let's wait and see" every single time are not exactly the most thrilling to read. As far as hockey is concerned, yet again, before putting this board down, I suggest for you and everybody to go look at EVERY FREAKIN other boards on HF....and then realize we're all the same. Except there's more people here.....Most Boston fans wanted to fire Julien and Chiarelli during their Cup run....

Originally Posted by Tuggy View Post

So what about the other 35 games where the team was 23-7-5? Were they not a "very competitive team"?
We showed we were a very good competite regular season team in a this year really weak Eastern Conference. Yet, we had the record we had, nobody can erase it. Yet, despite this great run we're having, Leafs and Sens are a big 7 points behind. That's 4 wins. Sens have been doing it without most of their lineup having to play with their #2 and #3 goalies. Without their top center. Without their #1 d-man. That would be us without Price, Pleks and Subban. And Toronto was suppose to miss the playoffs having no goalies on the back end.

Thing is, I have no idea how people could address how great we are in a season like this one. If we couldn't have an idea on how bad we were last year with the injuries and the stupid Gauthier show, how can we have an idea this year with half of a season and no games against the Western Conference? Can people understand that this year, everybody eliminates themselves as we're always playing against each other which will not be the case next year? Then, we're not even at half of a regular 82-game season that we are witnessing a really average Markov. Which brings Emelin down with him at some point. So really, whether it's the playoffs or even a big 82-game season schedule, I have no idea how people would be fine with this D in its entirety for next season and maybe even the next one. Would Diaz change all this? Chances are Drewiske is out or #7 next year. Bouillon will be #6 next year and surely his last year. But how about the rest? Will Emelin and Markov be better? Then up front, there has to be some tweaking to do. From Gionta, to Moen, to Armstrong. How will Bourque be doing? Who in the farm is ready to take charge? Dumont? Tinordi? Beaulieu? There are a couple of options but how are they going to respond.

Anyway, I just don't believe we have what it takes to go that far this year. Yet...if that was NEVER the plan to begin with, I say it's fine with me. Let's have a great draft, retool a little and be a force be reckon with for years to come. I have no problems with that. My problem is that I have against people using these standings as a proof that everything is fine. We couldn't use last year's standings because of some "activities" around the team, I believe it's the same this year. Yet, I do command this team for showing much more than I thought they were. Just that regular season and playoffs are 2 different beasts. And a 48-game schedule in the Eastern Conference is a different beast from a 82-game season in the entire league.

I guess that the idea is to think that this season is the start of something better and bigger for us for years to come. And not necessarily to proof that we are already there....

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