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04-04-2013, 12:02 PM
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Originally Posted by xifentoozlerix View Post
I would bet that has alot to do with giving first rounders more of a shot to make it as opposed to a second...

It starts from really young where the guys who are a bit ahead of development or bigger or whatnot are given more opportunities to get better, and late bloomers or smaller guys are much less likely to be given a serious chance.
I do think that is true for the 200 game mark, possibly even 400, but not too much for 700, no-one sticks for 700 games unless they are a serious player, and even late 1st have double the chance of sticking as early 2nds do, and are twice as likely to be an 'all star'. Also 2nds who were not given a chance but then tear up in the AHL come in, albeit later, and if they are good, stick for the long run.

I do think you have a valid point though, I think the 400 and 700 are better indicators of quality, but 200 still is a decent number and generally have had a part to play over a few years.

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