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Originally Posted by hckyplayer8 View Post
I disagree with your first paragraph. If Richards and Carter didn't go there would be zero chance of Bryz being here. Zip, zero and zilch. We couldn't afford it. Management may have been sore after the 2011 flop, but if there wasnt for the necessity to go find a number one goalie they wouldn't have moved them as quick...if at all.

All the rest about Bob is easily summed up in what I said, and I stand by it. I truly believe he has potential to be an upcoming elite. Anybody that watched the kid play his rookie season knew he had major, major potential off athleticism alone.

Yes hes weakness eventually stood out.
Yes he was a major contributor to why the 2011 ended the way it did.
But hes was a rookie. All things above you expect from a rookie.

All in all one can not look back through the evidence and deny that the cons of bringing Bryz to Philly easily have outweighed the pros.
Sorry for my delay in responding (stupid work!). The opening for signing Bryzgalov after Richards and Carter were traded does not equate to Richards and Carter being traded for the purpose of signing Bryz. This was the inference I took from your previous post.

On Bob, there was no question of his athleticism, nor of his work ethic (another thing I like about him). But the holes in his game had to be worked out for him to get to the next level, which he seems to have done. I'm taking you to task for stating that the forecast at the time of his rookie season was a potential elite. There were too many variables, and I think this is largely a matter of hindsight given how good he looks now.

It was a bad move. However, there was more to the picture than just Holmgren choosing Bryz over Bob.

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