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12-27-2003, 06:52 PM
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Originally Posted by chicpea
Yes, of course CJulien has Joe Juneau taking the most important draw of the game in OT - a draw which he loses (CLEANLY!!) and costs them the game. Arggh!
Why does CJ always, always have the worst players on the ice when it counts? Is he trying to test the wills of habs fans?
No, some say, Juneau is a "checker" or an "integral part of the third line." Um, No. Mike Peca is a "checker." You don't make up jobs for someone to do just because they can't do anything else. You find someone who can.
"Well, who on the Habs can take draws?" you ask. Oh, no one I guess...Just Juneau.
Again, Arghh.
yes , why he didn't send Ribs or Perreault......

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