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04-04-2013, 12:43 PM
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Originally Posted by Blue Liner View Post
That's cool. If I went the Cherokee route I probably wouldn't go brand new. Little out of my price range, but could swing an '11 or maybe even '12. Looking into Patriots, too. Can get into a brand new Patriot Limited within my price range, but like I said before I want to wait a few more months as long as my car lasts.
I'd go for a Compass over a Patriot, personally. Patriot's are just bland, IMO. Not sure how important stuff like leather, heated seats, etc are to you... but here is a nice Compass below, not a ton of miles, and a really reasonable price even from a dealer. I've even see a handful of Compasses out there that have the in dash GPS/media center and all that, but those are difficult to find. Considered eventually trading mine in for a Compass as well...

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