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04-04-2013, 12:52 PM
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Originally Posted by Beerfish View Post
You mean by waking up out of his slumber and putting the kids back together again and actually learning not to try and protect a 1 goal lead and learning the value of a puck mover like whitney even with his foibles?
The kids sucked for games on end and needed to be broken up. It was a good move and well deserved. As for protecting leads, it's more the team getting comfortable with the system finally. If you're going to dump on the guy when they stunk, then credit should be given when it's reversed. And considering the amount of people that predicted them to be a lottery team once again this year, and the holes still evident in the lineup, I'd say he's done a pretty dammed fine job so far. As for Whitney, he was horrible at the start of the year and had an attitude problem. Once he decided to reign it in and play within the system, things have gone much better for him, and the team.

Hopefully some of the clowns found out that calling for a firing of a coach 3-4 weeks into his initial year was rather knee jerk and simplistic, given what's transpired.

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