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Originally Posted by cska78 View Post
Zherdev, Bodrov, Ketov, Lemtyugov to name a few, who were all pried away from poorer teams as leaders and turned into 4th line players.
1. Zherdev played on all 4 lines, basically was used as THE offensive joker. And he played well but not over his potential. He was defenisively more than I could ask for and offensively he was... Zherdev. A great goal, then a stupid dump or a useless dangle try. you can't take the country out of the girl. He's a grown up player. He won't change. And AkBars has got nearly the most out of him. But I would be more than happy if our management would have heard the voice of reason and kept Osipov instead of chasing Zherdev.

2. Bodrov is playing exactly the role he schould be playing on a contending team. A very valuable one we appreciate in Kazan. I don't even know what you are talking about.

3. Why is Ketov playing on the 4th line for Bill's NT? It's one thing being a 1st liner on Severstal adn another one being on a contending team or a NT.

4. The one and only superstar Nikolai "Wineass" Lemtyugov got his chance with Traktor in this series due to injuries aaaaand... got benched by Belousov. All because he's a superb player AkBars turned into a 4th liner. I was happy the day they sent him off.

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