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12-27-2003, 06:06 PM
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Originally Posted by Munchausen
There is no doubt a hidden diamond there. Just like there was a hidden diamond in Kilger...

But if you think Lecavalier will be available for cheap, you're dreaming. If he's put on the open market, there will be tons of teams making bids for him and raising his price to the absolute limit of the reasonable (and beyond).
Arggh !! I was exchanging posts with you and I was pleased with your respectuous language and hockey knowlage untill you compare Lecavalier with Kilger. At least put lol or a joker smilie after saying “Just like there was a hidden diamond in Kilger...” lol, C'mon, Kilger=Lecavalier, c'est bien la meilleure celle-là...

Now as for speculating what will be the price “to the absolute limit of the reasonable (and beyond)”, tell me what absolute limit we can expect. For example, Dallas won't trade Modano for Vinny, Avs have enough skilled forwards, they need just a goalie, most teams have already a big talented forward in their roster or waiting in the farm team. Vinny is not the type of 3rd liner, he must be a 1rst liner or 2nd at worst. So I don't see Philly trade Primeau for Vinny, Primeau is not enough and Reonick is a keeper. There will be teams making bids for him but not all the teams have what Tampa needs.

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