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04-04-2013, 02:00 PM
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I said this in another thread, but these moves are Gorton putting his stamp on the team. Gross wrote a piece about it a week or so ago that Gorton was likely to be running the show at the deadline while Sather was recovering from his surgery. These moves make the team look a lot more like the Bruins. Skill down the middle, a blend of size, grit and speed on the wings, and a group of larger defenders who all have above average to excellent mobility. That Boston team is successful in large part because of the groundwork he laid for Chiarelli.

To me, this looks like the beginnings of transitioning Sather away from the GM role. Less "star power" and more focus on a team that is balanced and can win by committee.
You may be right: that Gaborik trade had the stench of common sense all over it. Recognition of long-term cap management; attempting to fill needs now and for the future; trying to create a strong successful sum, rather than strong individual parts.