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Wow surprised the Rangers beat out the Knicks. Also I think it's unfair to compare baseball to hockey considering baseball ratings will be amazing due to it being only a few games in, then after while it will slowly dissipate. IMO what you want to compare is the first 2-3 games of the Bruins to the first 2-3 games of the Red Sox and see how that measures up.

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The Red Sox are on NESN while the Bruins get bumped to NESN+. I think I get NESN+, but I have no idea what channel it is so I'll just watch the Sox. It's amazing how the Bruins got put on the backburner once the Sox started. Sports radio is all Sox with a little Celtics and virtually no Bruins right now.
I have noticed that every local sports station (news or radio) pumps up every sport besides hockey except in 1-3 cities. In Colorado, they're pumping up the Rockies every chance they get including the weather report and they're going to suck this year (my friends tell me that, I don't personally watch baseball). On the radio it's Broncos 99% of the time, even in the offseason with Nuggets and Rockies with other .9%, Avs with .1% and consider Avalanche are the most winning-est franchise in Colorado sports history. Also the regular sportscasters on the radio are only football or basketball fans. They have to bring in an outside source like Adrian Dater to talk about hockey, which is pathetic. I think there could be a anti-hockey agenda on local sports stations.

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