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04-04-2013, 02:28 PM
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That's really interesting and I need to favorite this post to reference it next time someone flips out about losing a 3rd round pick because the guy is worth "no more than a 4th". Seems like everything after the 1st round is a crap shoot. The 51st pick and 90th next are pretty much the same damn thing.

The one question I have is that unless I'm missing something, some of the numbers may not be accurate. For example, you mention the amount of players that played 700+ games being top NHL players/veterans. The 2003 draft was ridiculously stacked but none of them have reached 700 games played yet. The same thing for the 2004 draft and I'm sure most of the 2002 draft. A lot of those guys are team captains, first line player, or stars but still don't fit the 700 game criteria. Did you factor in the fact that some of the guys in the more recent drafts literally havent been in the league long enough to play 700 games? Also goalies can play an entire successful HOF career without ever starting 700 games. Maybe you mentioned these things but I just missed it.

Awesome post though.

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