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04-04-2013, 03:31 PM
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Originally Posted by haveandare View Post
I think the plan all along was to have Richards, Nash and Gabby playing as well as they were expected to play and carrying a team with subpar depth deep into the playoffs. That obviously failed and the plan had to change. I like Gabby here a lot, but his play led to this trade in a large part. Yeah, someone had to go for cap reasons but I truly believe that Sather would have found a way to keep Gabby at the expense of some other guys if he and Nash and Richards worked as well on ice as they seemed to on paper. Aside from Torts and captaincy and all that, just based on play this season, do you move Nash, Cally or Gaborik? No question IMO.

I highly doubt that the plan was to trade Gabby to CBJ for this exact return for the entire season. Again, I think management wanted nothing more than he and Richards and Nash to work out they way a lot of us were expecting. I think they saw it wasn't working out, they saw that he was unhappy with the way the coach was treating him (which, IMO was perfectly fair but that's for another thread) and they talked to a team that was willing to give them pieces that filled almost every glaring need that they had, so they pulled the trigger. If anything, I think "the plan" before the last few days was to hold on to Gabby, see if the team could put it together last minute, and then trade him for a 1st and a solid prospect at the draft.
I do not think they knew who they were going to trade him for but I think it plausible they realized they wanted to trade Gaborik at this deadline at some point a while ago and hatched a plan to make it work.

It just seems odd that they moved Gaborik to LW when Nash had played LW before long ago in Columbus. They never had either Callahan or Nash below Gaborik when all three were playing RW this year. Gaborik got Boyle as his center when he was moved back to RW. I'm pretty sure all of a sudden last night I saw Nash as a LW although I can not say for sure, I was too happy just to see the Rangers playing a game resembling hockey.

It's just a conspiracy theory, not trying to say that is totally what happened and this whole thing did not just work itself out the way it did for whatever reason. It just appears that Gaborik was really never given the chance to be the top line RW once Nash arrived, a role he had pretty much held for the 3 years prior.

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