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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post
A lot of this goes back to his faith in Ruff, who directed Myers to put on weight his body couldn't handle for the third offseason in a row, and who kept Ellis/Grigs/McCormick on the NHL roster over apparently better players.

As for the D, Leopold was bad last season, especially with Myers and needed to become another defensive guy, and on top of that we haven't really dressed last year's defense a ton. Leo-Myers has been our eighth most frequent pairing. Tyler has played with Ehrhoff and Regehr a ton.
First of all this year has nothing to do with that. Myers was out with a high ankle sprain for over a month and just got back prior to NHL camps opening. He hand't done much working out, by his own admission, before going over seas in the first place. So his conditioning was not very good by the time he got here.

ONCE, after his rookie season, Myers focused too much on bulking up and it took awhile for him to get back on track. Thats not because his body couldn't handle the weight. Its because he focused too much of pure strength training. Thus becoming a little bulkier than he should have (relatively speaking) When a player is asked to bulk up its to work out and get stronger. The goal is the strength gained from additional muscle mass not the weight added.

Watching Myers get tossed around by much smaller players, its fairly obvious he still needs to get stronger. Maybe a more focused training regiment with someone like Gary Roberts is whats need. Because it seems quite obvious, on his own, Myers can't seem to get it right.

Also, when two not-NHL forwards make your roster it's on the GM either way.
First, Porter is a NHL player and had 163 NHL games under his belt prior to signing here. Second, Flynn, like every undrafted NCAA UFA signing is signed to be a part of the organization. You act as if players like this coming up and contributing is something unique or even something that doesn't happen elsewhere. It does, even on teams much better than ours. Flynn contributing as an effective bottom 6 player is not a mark against Regier but a mark for him.

I think what getting lost in your anger over the bottom 6 is the impact the lockout and no training camp had. It threw things into a bit of chaos since we should have had a camp long battle for many of the bottom 6 spots. If we had a normal regular season and training camp there is little to no chance Grigs stays here. Hecht would definitely not be here since it took his strong play in the German league and with Pommer for the team to consider bringing him back.

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