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Originally Posted by struckbyaparkedcar View Post

Whatever Buffalo and Myers have been doing with his offseason training hasn't been working out. I remember reports of him adding 15-20 pounds of muscle in each of the past few years.
The article said Myers spent SOME of the summer hanging around with Weber picking his brain on how to get stronger and play nastier. He didn't train with him all summer and into the lockout. Most of the lockout time Myers said he did little before going to Europe. So as I said he did little to stay in shape then got hurt missing a month+ before returning just before camp. This led to him coming into camp with poor conditioning (cardio). Hence he was out of shape and unable to play big minutes effectively.

Also a big point made in the article is his inability to put on weight. So I find it close to impossible to believe every summer he is putting on 15-20lbs.

I also find it bizarre that you're blaming Lindy for Myers inability to properly prepare himself physically for the season.

Also to my point about the goal of his working out (from that article).

The strength gain Myers is working towards isn't just so he can hit harder and shove guys around in front of the crease, it's also to increase his endurance, allowing him to play with pep in the tank on every shift, all season long, something both he and Ruff agreed was missing in his game last season, especially early on. For a 23-year old looking to play with more consistency, it's something that will certainly come in handy during this shortened season.

Kind of blows up your theory Ruff is ruining him by asking him to simply bulk up..

Myers definitely needs a proper training coach and needs to stop trying to do this on his own. Its fairly obvious he can't do it.

And we'd still be playing Kevin Porter as a regular NHL forward, something he wasn't last season and wasn't signed to be in the summer.

I wouldn't be so hard on Darcy if this was the first year his calls on the team's forward depth went horribly awry, but this is the third year in a row we've had to figure things out on the fly after extended periods of suckage in part because we've had a bottom six incapable of playing tough minutes or controlling possession.
I said there would be a training camp/preseason long battle for some of the bottom 6 spots. Porter was brought in to battle for one of those spots. I also forgot Tropp would have been in the mix and we lost Leino to start the season. All players that would have impacted the makeup of the bottom 6 by either being in it or pushing others into it.

I'm not saying Darcy is perfect and has no blemishes btw. But the last time he was able to rebuild a team he did quite a good job. Only to watch the previous ownership dismantle his work.

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