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Originally Posted by Ward Cornell View Post
Not sure why it matters if it's an ex-player, ex-employee or an ex-coach, trying to find the source might be nice to know but doesn't really matter.
The fact is the Spitfires did do something wrong and the fans should be given an explanation of "some sort" but doesn't really need to know the nuts and bolts.!
It matters for the sake of transparency. I want to know if the player or former employee had an axe to grind, I want to know if the punishment fits the crime here. Also if it's not owed to the fanbase, it should be owed to the tax player who built the 70M new arena in part on promises of hosting a Memorial Cup to help pay for it.

Why does it have to be secret for? If Bill Dark, now working for the London Knights, was the snitch and it just so happens London decided to bid for the Memorial Cup hosting gig again because they knew Windsor would be penalized - I think that should be common knowledge. If Dark is involved - it REALLY starts to stink actually. Did London put him up to it? Did London bring in Austin Watson and convince him to implicate the Spitfires?

Why was the sanctions decreased? Was it to buy silence because the OHL didn't have a strong case? Or because the OHL wanted to protect the sources? If would be shady as hell if Dark and Watson, a London Knight employee and an London Knight player were the two sources and then they trade in part on the resulting penalty to host the Memorial Cup again - making the Hunters six figures, if not seven, in the process. Will Dark get a bonus?

And it matters to the players who are under the shadow - I've heard Campbell, Fowler, Ryan, Watson, Koko, Peca and Dark all implicated by somebody or other along the way. If it's Watson, than I want to know what happened to him - given it takes two to tango in any shady dealing, I don't think Warren would have offered enticements without them being requested and accepted. Did whichever player accept the extras gladly when they were here, but then decided to snitch about it later on?

And if Warren is a total ******* in all of this - then that should be known as well.

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