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04-04-2013, 04:08 PM
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Originally Posted by Adam Tilander View Post
I have no idea why you bring up faceoff stats after what I said

All I said was that without medal games to end the tournament, there isn't meaningful games that might draw bigger audiences. Can't tell me that ticket sales don't go up when promoting a gold medal game > a round robin game in a tournament that has already been decided, no matter how small the increase.

We all knew when GB was beat by Hungary that this tournament was decided already. I still watched the games because I wanted to watch GB hockey, I donno why you're trying to act like I don't care about GB hockey due to my nationality lol I post in the GB section all the time and constantly show interest/support for GB prospects/players.

Donno why we're still talking about this tbh, all I said is that I don't like this system and I'd like to see medal games aka meaningful games at the end of the tournament because with the current system we know who won well before the tournament is over. Regardless of what you guys say, to me that's still a fact.
You said "you didn't play, same can be said about most players on GB actually" implying GB play 2 line hockey.

Lower tier tournaments won't draw in bigger audiences regardless of the system. Unless someone has a connection to one country why would they care at all? I watch the top tier WC's because it is good standard hockey, if I was from a top tier nation I would not watch lower tier nations I had no connection to because it is bad standard hockey. Outside viewers do not think "oh no there's no gold medal game I'm not going to watch now" because they won't care in the first place.

Yes we did, but I don't think anyone else actually cares. I will still watch the game on Saturday, because I know half of the players and I want to see my nations' hockey federation win games. That is the mindset of every other British hockey fan as it such a closely knit community.

You're pushing your luck a bit, you say you're happy you finally get to watch a stream but now you've got that you're complaining it isn't exciting enough for you?

Anyway this doesn't happen very often, as I said the seedings were messed up because we were poor last year. MOST OF THE TIME the tournament winner IS decided on the final day.

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