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Originally Posted by Spasmatic Dan View Post
To me this post season is a time of evaluation for the Leafs although I could be pleasantly surprised. I think they need a lot of work on their defense especially. The defense is the only position you can say the Leafs have good prospect depth at, but in the here and now its...well its got holes.
Certainly they have holes. Every new playoff team does. Heck EVERY team has holes. And so I agree it is a time of some evaluation. As I mentioned earlier it then makes sense not to bring in high priced (asset wise) rentals. However, when you have holes and question marks and can solve one of those issues and remove it from your mind for several years with what amounts to nothing it's either a bold move/evaluation OR it's a lack of focus on what is important to the team now and thinking too far down the road.

Yes the leafs have holes up front. Yes they have holes on the blueline. I personally think he has holes in goal that will become evident in round 1 to everybody (I know I could be wrong). So at which point you have to ask yourself the question..."what did nonis do this year because those were the same holes that existed before?" Did he give his team a chance to do anything in the playoffs? Did he help them along?

And let's face it, whether he accepted a deal for Luongo or not they were having discussions right up to the deadline on some level. He knows he has some big question marks in goal and on some level wanted to address it. Whether it be Kiprusoff or Luongo. And because of that he really doesn't have an issue with the contract or with bringing in an established #1. His problem then was asset cost. To me that doesn't make sense and I wonder if his thinking out 3 or 4 years that those picks might be players tripped him up; not able to realize he has time to make those picks up. Now if he was just yanking Gillis' chain up until the deadline then you have to ask yourself "If he wasn't serious at any level why wasn't he putting his efforts into doing something else on deadline day?"

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