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04-04-2013, 04:32 PM
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I'm between 5'6" to 5"7" and have used both Jr 13" shin pads and Sr 14".

The Jr 13" I've tried fit and protect the front of the legs well enogh, but the calf-wraps do not even remotely make it around to the back of my leg and the straps will not even reach to be used. Also, if you like to put your shins over your tongue, you might find that they are a little shorter than you like, but perfect if you like to flop the tongue. This varies a bit from brand/model to brand/model.

I recently upgraded to Sr 14" shin guards and looked for the shortest I could find. I found Bauer Supreme shins to be too long for me at that size and they kept pressing into the top of my boot when I skated. The Reebok brand of shins seem to be the shortest relative to their stated length and fit perfectly but were rather bulky (though some like that, I do to an extent) so I tried the new Mako shins and they were perfect. They were long enough to wear over my tongues without feeling too long and the calf-wrap provided the back of my leg with protection and they were not too bulky but not too thin either.

I'd say try some Reebok's or Easton's in 14" and see which you like best but they are the shortest it seems.

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