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04-04-2013, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by TheHudlinator View Post
So if we trade anyone no one will want to play here? Well **** we shouldn't have traded Comeau. If your talking about prospects then **** we shouldn't have traded Negrin.
Jesus, talk about talking to a wall.

Do you really not understand the point I'm trying to make? Why would you trade a grade-A prospect - one that we know what have in him - essentially for a prospect that may or may not turn out to be as good as the one we already have? If you truly think in your heart of hearts that Barkov is going to surpass Baertschi, then that's fine, but I seriously don't understand how you can be so shortsighted that you can't see why trading a prospect who is committed to making this team has bad juju written all over it.

Players are one thing. Teams trade players all the time in an attempt to improve. Prospects are different. They take time to develop, and tossing aside the old one (that works just fine) just because a shiny new one comes along is a bad idea and bad karma.

EDIT: That's not even to mention the fact that the pick we'd have to throw into that trade also has a chance of being something good. Two good players > one good player, IMO.

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