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08-20-2006, 11:12 PM
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This is always a real crapshoot, now more than ever with the cap system. As it stands I'll go with this as my prediction:

1. Carolina (105-110 pts.)
2. New Jersey (100-105 pts.)
3. Ottawa (100-105 pts.)-more balanced div. will diminish their pt. total amongst the div. winners
4. Philadelphia (100-105 pts.)
5. Buffalo (95-100 pts.)-I think they'll come down to earth a bit.
6. Montreal (95-100 pts.)
7. NY Rangers (90-95 pts.)-They'll also come down to earth because without one of Lundquist or Jagr, they're merely ordinary.
8. Florida (90-95 pts.)-They impressed me more than any other team with their play in the latter stages of 05-06. Not that Bert makes the difference completely, but they seem to be learning how to shape a two-way game that can take them to the post-season.

9. Tampa (85-90 pts.)
10. Atlanta (85-90 pts.)-A team on the rise but with real defensive problems still. Oh and Hartley is an overrated hack of a coach ala Therrien.
11. Boston (80-85 pts.)-Overrated off-season moves do little to mask the lack of a system and a solid core of players who've gotten some chemistry together.
12. Toronto (80-85 pts.)-See above.
13. Pittsburgh (75-80 pts.)-There will be a real lethality to their attack but defensively, they have some serious work to do. Maybe the new GM's first order of duty can be fire Therrien and replace with a major league calibre coach. Something the Pens haven't had in almost 5 years.
14. NY Islanders (70-75 pts.)-I find their young talent sparse and everything about them a mess especially on the D side. Plus even if they have bright spots, Snow will make some move intended to "send a message." I'm thinking Dipietro, Nilsson and Blake to St. Louis for Legace and Tkachuk.
15. Washington (65-70 pts.)-They'll still suck but AO is a real treat and they can become a force if they build around him properly.

1. Anaheim (105-110 pts.)
2. Calgary (100-105 pts.)
3. Detroit (100-105 pts.)
4. Nashville (100-105 pts.)
5. San Jose (100-105 pts.)
6. Edmonton (95-100 pts.)
7. Minnesota (90-95 pts.)
8. Dallas (90-95 pts.)

9. Colorado (90-95 pts.)
10. Vancouver (85-90 pts.)
11. Columbus (80-85 pts.)
12. Los Angeles (80-85 pts.)
13. Phoenix (80-85 pts.)
14. St. Louis (70-75 pts.)
15. Chicago (60-65 pts.)

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