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Originally Posted by Hardyvan123 View Post
I didn't remember it that way so I looked it up, Branak played in exactly 13 games and Hrdina was on the ice for a total of 63 GF, 51 at ES.

Jagr on the other hand was on the ice for 118 GF, 80 at ES.

So most likely Jagrs line mates were guys like Lang and perhaps Kovalev, slightly better players than the 2 guys you mentioned.

Sid has been 22-25 in his last 3 years so it's not like we are seeing him rack up easy points in his declining years either.

Like I mentioned in a different post Sid get far less % offensives zone starts than Malkin and he simply looks like the best player in the world in many games he has played in his last 3 years, and for his career for that matter.

Some people seem to have an agenda to downgrade him at every turn, not sure why.
Jagr most definitely never spent a substantial amount of time with Kovalev at even strength. For one thing, they both played right wing. For another, it wouldn't have been a match as both required a lot of touches to be effective.

Czech Your Math's list looks more correct to my memory.

But I agree with the general sentiment of this thread that Crosby/Jagr is, at this point, probably a more worthwhile comparison to make than Crosby Gretzky. Just in terms of separation from his (non-lemieux) peers, Crosby and Jagrs per game production looks one Hell of a lot more similar than Crosby's and Gretzky's.

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