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Originally Posted by Richter Scale View Post
1. You're the one implying they sabotaged Gaborik.

2. They do? You mean to tell me that after having gotten to the ECF, they WANT to be a playoff bubble team instead of being solidly somewhere in the 1-5 seed?

I don't think you understand what his no trade clause entailed. It was a limited clause - meaning he could list 8 teams that he didn't want to be traded to at the beginning of the season (10 teams? - Rangerboy said this the other day, but I've not seen that elsewhere). All other teams were fair game. And how do you trade him then? Well, if he's not being "sabotaged" (as you claim), then presumably he puts up bigger numbers and playoff teams actually have interest in him. As opposed to what we had, where virtually no solid playoff teams were biting because they didn't see him having a great season and didn't want to take a chance on him turning it around. Is this a serious question?

LOL. What?

No, no, it doesn't when what is being considered approaches fantasy land and instead of recognizing it and making a u-turn, it ****in crashes through the gates.
Did you not see the Kings last year 8th to Cup. The Rangers always try to emulate last years playoffs in some fashion or another. Betts gets knocked out by Brashear, they sign Brashear. Bruins win with one of the worst power plays, Rangers emulate it the next year.

They had to sabotage Gaborik, if he was happy, he would not waive his clause. I too have seen the report of the clause being for 8 teams, although I have never seen it verified. It has been reported that Gaborik waived his clause to go to Columbus. So Gaborik puts Columbus on his no destination list out of the 8 teams, and then waives the clause to go there? I guess he may do something like that if he is that unhappy. How do they make him that unhappy... We are just going in circles here.

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