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Originally Posted by Major4Boarding View Post
And yes, if Ed McMahon showed up at your door, best be sure you have Daryl's crossbow handy
... well, lets see now M4B. That'd be about a 35 minute drive, 2 hour Walk for Eddie from the freezers at the Alcor Life Extension Foundation at 7895 East Acoma in Scottsdale to 9400 West Maryland & thejob in Glendale. Ideal actually as he'd likely have not entirely thawed out by the time he made it to the refreshing indoor cool of a fully air conditioned facility. Likely very little spoilage beyond dropping a few fingers along the way in the 138 degree heat. Few shots of Botox, like my ex, forehead, ass, good to go.. oh... and good idea on that Daryl dealeo. Whatre ya thinkin, first 10,000 through the door next home game or what? Those Alice Cooper Bobbleheads went over like Gangbusters. People getting like $100+ on ebay for them as we speak. I like that in a Marketing Executive. Surpassing the customers expectations... really, we should get Alice in there on a regular basis.... But this, this Im really liking. Just get the manufacturer to put him in a Coyotes jersey. Get the actor in here as well. Norman Reedus. Personal appearance. Half crazy Irish... Boondock Saints...

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