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04-04-2013, 06:35 PM
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Originally Posted by Mrb1p View Post
Funny though that you list Thrower ahead of Leblanc, since both had bad seasons.
One play's CHL on a stacked team and the other got yet another bad injury and played in the AHL on a poor team. Also add to the fact that Leblanc has looked good in the NHL... Maybe your basing yourself too much on this season.

If we did that, Pacciorety, Plekanec, Price and alot of others would all be elsewhere.
So you think the Blades are a stacked team? I've seen them a number of times and they didn't look very good to me, let alone stacked. I actually like what I saw from Thrower this year, Leblanc was a massive disappointment. I admit though I do factor in a lot of the current season, I do try less to go off of what might be vs what they have done so far if that makes sense.

Originally Posted by That View Post
Good stuff as always. One question though. Why no Pribyl? Is lack of skating and strength really that bad in your eyes? When I watch him, I see a very gifted offensive player, who has finally started to round out his two-way game.

I wouldn't expect him to even in the top 20 (he's in mine though), but not getting a mention at all is definitely surprising.
I like Pribyl but left him off as I'm not sure he gets signed.

Originally Posted by Schwang View Post
Really? Nygren that low? The guy basically won the equivalent of the Norris trophy! What the heck has Thrower or Leblanc done to rank that high?
Leblanc is skilled and hard working, even after a bad season he still has done a lot in his career. Thrower had an outstanding season in his draft year, and he plays a style that I think will fit well in the NHL and something the Habs sorely need more of. On the other hand i'm not sold yet on how Nygren can handle the smaller ice.

Originally Posted by dackelljuneaubulis02 View Post
The great thing about this list is that it doesn't use NHL readiness as a big factor like all the other lists I see. Always thought it was a bit of a copy out.

Love seeing Hudon so high up there too. I like what I've seen from Collberg but if he can be a better player than what I think Hudon can be then we'll be in ridiculous shape.

Tinordi above Beaulieu is a good call too. For me it has nothing to do with short changing Beaulieu, moreso thinking Tinordi has a huge amount of room to grow and improve. He seems to have really great character too.

Great job, Montreal.
Thanks, I would have had Hudon at #1 if not for concerns over his size/injuries. I was so impressed with Hudon this year, but worry about how he will handle the pro game. Collberg I really like as I think he's going to be a true sniper and we sure could use more of that. Really like both of them and consider my top 5 to be all in the same boat as the best of the bunch.

Originally Posted by WeThreeKings View Post
Nygren if he doesn't improve his defensive play will be nothing more than a PP specialist. It's up to him whether or not he becomes more than that.
Morgan Ellis needs to improve his footspeed. He should round out to be a heart and soul bottom pairing D man with a good shot and a good first pass.
Agreed, I have a lot of questions about how Nygren will handle the North American game, and I want to see Ellis get quicker.

Originally Posted by InglewoodJack View Post
Hey montreal, weren't you the one that was really high on Mac Bennett? Haven't heard much of him. What's his upside/what do you see out of him?
yes, big fan of his as his mobility is outstanding. He's solid at both ends of the ice and is a good puck mover. I think that he should end up being a solid middle pairing guy that can do a lot of things but my concerns would be over his lack of size, strength and physical game. He's at his best rushing the puck up ice or moving the puck, along with using his great skating/mobility to cover a lot of ground. He's smart and hard working as well.

Originally Posted by scrowe21 View Post
Dietz and Hudon impressed me this year.
Both had very good years, found them to be 2 of the most impressive prospects in the system this year.

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