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04-04-2013, 05:36 PM
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I think I'm more patient with Bylsma than most, but if he continues with the stupid line combinations, I'm going to start to get irritated. Considering the shortened season and that we only have 10 more games to go before the playoffs, I really think he should try to avoid moving everyone about so much. Stick with line combinations that will lead to less confusion.

When Healthy:


If Morrow can't cut it with Geno switch him with Jokinen, and if that still doesn't work but Bennett, who looked really got there in the limited amount of time he got on that line. I'd say put him there before Jokinen, but I'm at least trying to be semi-realistic as far as Bylsma is concerned. Less of players trying to get used to positions they aren't used to playing and putting players in a position they are most likely to succeed in. Until Crosby is Healthy stick Jokinen between Kunitz and Iginla, leave Cooke on the third line and I guess let Glass stay in the lineup for now. (I'd prefer Vitale but have giving up on him getting in the lineup over Glass). I could also see those LWs in lines 2 through 4 being rotated around depending on who seems to develop chemistry with each other. I know some players can play either wing, but I would think it would be best to at least try to keep them on the sides they've been pretty much playing at all year.

Whatever silly superstition Sid/Bylsma may have had about breaking up that top line should have gotten thrown right out the window when he jaw was broken less than two minutes into Iginla's first game with the Pens. I actually could see his reasoning to wanting to see what would happen leaving Sid's line together and trying Iginla with Malkin. I have now changed my mind. Not to mention putting Dupuis on the third line makes it more of a scoring threat than without him, imo.

As far as defense when healthy:


I like Depres, but I really think our penalty Kill needs Eaton.

I say all that knowing fully that Bylsma will disappoint me; at least on the forward pairings, so I don't know why I even bothered typing all this out.

I do think that defense is probably what we will see in the playoffs assuming everyone's healthy.

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