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04-04-2013, 07:19 PM
krazy kanuck
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Some interesting posts today in Spitsville. My thoughts:

- The conditional punishment option is an interesting one, and ironically enough I would be ok with that. I think there would have to be pretty tight conditions though. i.e. one of 2013/2014 one of 2015/2016. Decide to pick in 13, automatically lose 14. Same with 15/16.

- Do we really think Sean Day is falling to #4? Do we really? Really?

- Could it be Watson? I would assume that if it's an existing player he would have been punished too. I may be assuming much, but you would think so. For that reason, I've always thought it doesn't involve current OHLers.

- The NCAA comparison cracks me up because the NCAA would have been far harsher. Look at what they did to USC for Reggie Bush.

- I think WR's trades are interesting given the Memorial Cup bid. He's trading future picks for this year, so he must think these players are going to contribute (since he can't trade any of them after the draft) but really how many first year players picked after the first round contribute much to a Mem Cup team? He could have argued that the picks for future years could be used to bolster his 2014 Mem Cup entry, but the guys he drafts won't likely. Has he given up the ghost on the cup?

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