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04-04-2013, 07:56 PM
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Originally Posted by Flames92 View Post
By trying to emulate the Harlem Globetrotters, the Flames have looked more like the Washington Generals by advancing past the first round of the playoffs once in the last 24 years.

No one expects Feaster to admit the obvious goal is to lose games while building skill and experience, but he sure as hell shouldn't be pushed into doing exactly what this sordid bunch has done for the last handful of years.

"From the standpoint of the organization, the expectation, this is not one where you say to the players 'we are in some full-blown rebuild model, don't worry about winning, don't worry about improving, don't worry about competing,'" said Feaster.

"Again, no excuses here. That's going to be the approach we take to it."

It's a solid message for the players, but management should be focused entirely on two, three or four years down the road -- not self-preservation over the next calendar year.
I think Francis understands that this is a message purely to the players, and fans to an extent. That no we are not going to publicly say "We're not going to try to win, don't even worry about it." This is a team who is going to try to win every night regardless. Well except for last night.

And man, we've advanced passed the 1st round once in 24 years. When you say it like that...

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