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04-04-2013, 09:14 PM
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A flyers fan called me biased and said that Steve mason has just as much of an upside as Jonathan bernier *bangs head against wall*
As a Flyer fan who lives in Philly and been a fan for over 40 years, there are those PHantics that will not ever criticize a Snider move and seem to be under a Svengali hold.
You ask that fan if he's sipping Kool Aid wearing orange tinted glasses in a lawn chair on Broad Street waiting for a parade that won't happen

I read that trade online at work and just laughed. Having seen Mason play this year and last, he's average on a good night. And let's in far too man ygoals playing behind a good defensive team in CBJ . I dn't want to think what will happen when he has to play behind the Swiss Cheese D Corp.

Typical Homer move. Trade away avery good young goalie with all the promise in the world in Bob to Columbus and then have to trade a pick away to get back their retread. It never ends, the Nightmare of the Lving Goalie Dead movie over and over and over....

When they passed on Bishop yesterday I was hoping that meant they'd trade For Bernier, but no. why do the right thing , get the best out there when you can have Steve Mason....

I really hope that next year in the playoffs ,when CBJ are in the Flyers conf. Bob shuts them out in 4 games.
SO pissed still that Ed gave up on him for Bryz...

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