Thread: Player Discussion: Lets talk about Dave Bolland
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04-04-2013, 09:26 PM
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Originally Posted by Marotte Marauder View Post
Not an argument, Bolland did not paly in the 2nd period and Hawks dominated. Bolland did not play in the 3 period and the Hawks sucked.

How you attribute the 3rd period to Bolly but not the 2nd is very indicative of how biased YOU are in favor of Bolland, but you rip on someone else who posts an accurate statement.
I didn't attribute it to Bolland, I just pointed out the odd timing of the post by BWC. Why does everything have to be an argument with you? We're done here. I am sure there are several other posts you can search out and find some minute part of it that may possibly construed as pro-Bolland and then you can have a 10 post argument over it with that poster.

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