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Originally Posted by halligan10 View Post
How serious can we take this new potential buyer M.Pastor?...Seriously he should of have contacted Jamison 6 weeks ago and benefit from a huge AMF from Glendale. But no he decided to wait so he could make it fair for everyone including the tax payers in Glendale. What a nice man!
Jamison wanted 25% equity without putting up 25% of the money so the deal wasn't all that great for other investors. There have been other windows for guys to get in over the past 4 years. The only excuses someone would have to want to get in now are Glendale's willingness to do a shorter term deal, he suddenly got rich recently, or the NHL is willing to finance the purchase themselves (i.e. you pay $50 million up front and the other $120 million over 10 years interest free)

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