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04-04-2013, 09:10 PM
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Need computer help!


1000 years ago, I bought an external disk, WD 1TO in order to, obviously, to save my files regularly. Started well with the program in it as far as to save automatically my files, but then learned that you had to pay to keep it. Which I didn't, ended up formatting everything and now I happen to have a big external disk with nothing in it.

Today, just decided to make a copy of my computer through Norton. Seems fine. Yet...this is not what I want. While this copy is made, is there a program I can use so that it does what I wanted all along? Which is, to plug it in, and then that it AUTOMATICALLY saves the folders I modify? Is it what incremential is all about? If so, do Norton does it? Do Windows 7 does it? Do I have to go on the WD site to get the program? I kinda of looked all of the ones I'm mentioning and can't find a whole lot.

I'm not interested in regularly having to go through my music, folders and so on and manually save everything. I just did make a copy of my whole computer. I just want my WD to now recognize what's new on my computer everytime I plug it in. Can somebody help me with this? Am I clear enough? Thanks.

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