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Originally Posted by petrocelli View Post
I just posted this in the game day thread after the Capitals game, but it's about getting Tavares a different linemate opposite Moulson, thus I thought I should post it here:

Sorry to arrive to the party late. Just got home and watched the highlights, or the way Tavares was getting beat-up or pushed around, you could say 'low-lights'....

This much is clear, Tavares needs at least one linemate that keeps the other team honest, or at least makes the other team think twice before giving Tavares an extra shot. ONE linemate that does nothing outside of scoring a decent amount of goals (provided by Tavares' passing I may add) is enough. Meaning, neither Moulson nor Boyes hits, fights, plays solid defense or does anything outside of providing decent offensive tools. Moulson is fine, but Boyes needs to be replaced by a guy with more size, and/or hits and stands up for Tavares... Heck, Martin would have almost as many points as Boyes simply by being the recipient of Tavares' passes, and would open up space for Tavares with his aggressive style and hitting ability... if not Martin, perhaps Lee has the size/grit to go along with good offensive skills, to potentially be the type of linemate Tavares needs opposite Moulson... But Moulson and Boyes play too similar a style.. Neither hits nor plays aggressive enough to open up space or protect Tavares. Heck, Bailey may not have the size, but the kid is playing with a determination and passion like no other time in his career before, and he has skill Boyes could only dream of.... Bailey is hitting and driving hard to the net, along with show-casing the skill level we drafted him for in the first place.

Just give Tavares more protection is what I'm asking!!
I do more than second this sentiment.....Considering that I've already promised a kidney to any chance to get back to Spain permanently, I would gladly give one of my 'two best friends' to get Bobby Ryan here. HE would be perfect for JT. The idea of a Martin - Tavares - Ryan line gives me a raging.....grin..XD....That would be too much to handle, and just about as rude of a line combo as the Bruins could throw.

More talent and more physicality would do JT wonders and maximize the room he has to be creative out there. That would be like.....a "Rage Against The Machine" line......wicked.

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